Presale & Launch

2 min readJan 12, 2022
Welcome to “OXY-FI”

The team has worked day and night to provide the best launch experience to its community. Presale and launch; both would be flawless and favorable to the community. Here are the details:


  • Price: $5/token
  • Whitelist Allocations: 25 per chain
  • Maximum Contribution: 200 $OXY
  • Vesting Period: 10 days (Linear Vesting)
  • Date: 9th February

Presale Funding

Funds collected from the presale will be used to fund Initial Liquidity.

Initial Liquidity will be locked for 6 Months.

~Additional liquidity ($37.5k) will be added from the team’s pocket, who are currently paying for all the services by themselves as well.


Details regarding the launch and anti-measures we have implemented are as follows:

  • Launch price: $1/token
  • Initial liquidity: $75k per chain (50% $OXY and $AVAX, $FTM, or $ETH, each)
  • Date: 12th February

The launch will be 100% fair. With our community in mind and the worst recent experience in this Defi space, we will be implementing strict measures to protect our users from swing traders, whales, and bots.

Max buy for the first few minutes to combat whales.

It will not be possible to sell our token unless you have bought a node (the lowest tier costs only 1 token)
~This is to discourage direct trading of the token and incentivize contributing to the protocol via node creation.

As the cheapest node only costs 1 token, we have also implemented a huge sell tax in the beginning to discourage any pump & dump that could, in any way, damage our investors or protocol. (Sell Tax will be announced before launch)

→ Some of these measures will be removed soon after the Launch (maybe in few days) to attract the BIG Investors. It will be officially announced.


Once healthy parameters are established, there will be further developments. Community Members proposed some good ideas like:

  • Bulk-Creation Bonus ⇒ like creating 10 nodes at once and receiving 1 bonus
  • Node Tradability / Auto-Compounding ⇒ Probably nothing…

~*Ideas presented above are just proposals and do not represent an official "roadmap.")

Until the community is built and shaped perfectly, Centralized Maintenance will upkeep the protocol’s sustainability. Afterward, community control can be phased in. Final decisions will always go through the DAO members.

We have worked day and night to provide the fairest launch that would protect our community members. We cannot wait to show how much efforts have gone into creating this protocol. It will be the best launch in Defi space.

~Presale price is higher than the launch price because we expect the price to go quickly above $5. Only a few managed to get a $5 price on launch but on presale, it will be guaranteed. And this decision is also gone through the WHITELISTED members first.




Oxy-Fi is the next generation pathway to sustainability with high yields, bringing innovation to the Decentralized Finance world.