Fundamentals / Features

3 min readDec 18, 2021
Oxy-Fi Features

Overview of the key features and fundamentals of Oxy-Fi:


As introduced earlier, our protocol provides you with a Node ecosystem where you can create your own “Oxy-Nodes” to generate a lifetime passive income. Node Holders will get their rewards in our native token, the $OXY.


We will become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO). For the Node & NFT Holders, it is a way to directly influence the direction of the protocol, which could include voting on community proposals, exclusive holder benefits, and influence over the treasury.

  • Your influence will be directly dependent upon the number and tier of Nodes/NFTs you own.
  • DAO Members, alongside the team, will decide where to invest the treasury and which project to fund and help in developing with our Launchpad.


=> Our goal is to make the first biggest Launchpad in the Defi space, where upcoming protocols can request funding and tech help.

=> NFT Holders will get airdrops and whitelists from the protocols that will collaborate with us in the future. Investments will go to the Treasury.

=> As mentioned earlier, DAO members, alongside the team, will vote on which vested protocols we will VC into.

~(Protocols collaborating with us in the future must either be KYC’d or audited that will be verified by our team.)

More details will be up soon once the Launchpad is online. We may provide KYC or Audit service in the future as well.

NFT Collection

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital certificates of ownership. In more technical terms, they are unique chunks of data stored on a blockchain, or a digital ledger, that represent digital collectibles, such as artworks or audio. While the collectibles can be copied and shared, the ownership of the original piece remains with the owner of the NFT art and can be verified with blockchain technology.

Oxy-Fi will provide an exclusive NFT Collection that will benefit its holders in various ways, including:

  • INCREASED NODE YIELD ⇒ The NFTs you own can be associated with a Node to increase its yield. ~One Node can be associated with a maximum of 3 NFTs.
  • AIRDROPS ⇒ NFT Holders will regularly get free Airdrops from Oxy-Fi and other protocols featured on our Launchpad.
  • WHITELIST ⇒ NFT Holders will also get Whitelist Spots in the protocols we will feature on our Launchpad.
  • REDUCED CLAIM TAX ⇒ Associating an NFT with a node will greatly reduce its claim tax. Details in the coming section.

~We might help new protocols by funding their development process in return for airdrops and whitelists for the NFT Holders or investments that will straightly go in our treasury. The decision will always go through the DAO members.


Our NFT collection will include a total supply of ___ on each chain, which are divided into 3 rarities of molecules(NFTs).

=> Basic(O2): __ Oxygen

=> Medium(O3): __ Ozone

=> Rare(O4): __ Oxozone (These are the rarest NFTs among all three and has the combined benefits of both)

~The rarer your NFTs, the greater the incentives (you will be) rewarded.

-NFTs will be unique according to their LEVEL; the NFTs you own can be upgradable using $OXY tokens. Details are in the Whitepaper.




Oxy-Fi is the next generation pathway to sustainability with high yields, bringing innovation to the Decentralized Finance world.